New safety device reduces falls from stools

October 10, 2010
Anti-Rolling Casters

New safety device reduces falls from stools

A new innovation that prevents stools from rolling away when their users rise or sit helps reduce accidental falls from stools. A redesigned caster that replaces standard casters locks the wheels when weight is removed, but allows rolling movement when someone sits on the seat.

Julian Cherubini, President and CEO of AliMed, explained, “Most stool casters roll freely any time, but there is a tendency for a stool using standard casters to roll back when someone pushes forward to stand up, or to roll back when someone goes to sit down. This has resulted in people falling from stools and injuring themselves. We see this problem at facility nursing stations frequently and wanted to solve this problem for the nursing staff and give them a safer workplace.”

Anti-Rolling Casters come packaged in sets of 4 or 5 and are easily retrofitted to standard stools. These new casters deliver another safety factor for busy healthcare providers in the workplace, thus helping reduce workplace injuries.

Cherubini added, “Most physician consulting rooms and labs also have stools with standard casters, so these new anti-rolling casters deliver safety for all healthcare workers. In fact, any stool, in just about any environment that has casters will deliver better fall protection when equipped with these casters than with the standard ones.”

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