AliMed Announces New Fall Management Innovations

June 30, 2014
worry free alarm

AliMed® Announces New Fall Monitors and New Innovations in Fall Management

Convenient Cordless and Worry Free Monitor Options

AliMed, a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical products, announced the availability of three new fall management products. The company now offers the AliMed CordLess® Sensor Alarm and the AliMed Worry-Free Fall Alarm to help reduce the risk of accidental falls, and the HipShield® X-tra to help prevent fractures. These innovations come at a time when nationwide data illustrates the burden that accidental falls inflict upon health care. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hundreds of nursing home residents die every year from accidental falls. Falls also lead to fractures, brain injuries and other complications. Additionally, about 1 million hospital patients annually experience an accidental fall, costing facilities thousands of dollars per incident.

"As the nation's population grows older, and the number of individuals requiring long term care increases, fall management is becoming essential in health care," said Rob Brown, AliMed Senior VP of Marketing. "AliMed is committed to protecting at-risk nursing home residents and hospital patients in a manner that provides caregivers and family members peace of mind, reduces inflated medical costs and maximizes patients' independence and well-being."  The AliMed CordLess® Sensor Alarm can eliminate tripping and entanglement hazards presented by wires, which account for up to 27 percent of accidents in nursing homes. Units can be mounted up to 30 feet away from bed, chair or floor sensor pads and allow for the simultaneous monitoring of two sensor devices. The Worry-Free Alarm has a two-year battery life, eliminating the inconvenience of low battery alerts and frequent battery replacement. Like the Cordless® system, it is available in multiple sensor device configurations. The HipShield® X-tra is a wearable hip protector that can help guard against injuries related to lateral falls. It contains removal pads that can be easily replaced for convenience.

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