MRI Equipment & Supplies

MRI equipment and supplies

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment and supplies for use throughout the MRI suite to help facilitate MRI use.Our MRI safe products help maximize safety and comfort—for both patients and medical staff. Improve patient care with top-quality products from MRI transport equipment to positioners, immobilizers, straps, and more.

MR Safety Standards—Determine MR-Safe Products

AliMed® labels most MRI products according to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Standards for MRI Device Marking. When you see one of the symbols listed below, you can be sure that an independent organization has conducted the appropriate testing for it to be labeled as such.

MR-SAFEMR-SAFE is applied to an item that poses no known hazards in all MR environments. MR-SAFE items would include nonconducting, non-magnetic items. The document further states that an item may be determined to be MR-SAFE by offering a scientifically based rationale rather than test data. The new MR-SAFE may only be applied if the item is 100% safe, without exception, regardless of MR system field strength or any environmental or extenuating circumstances. Items marked with the green MR-SAFE icon may be taken into, used, or placed anywhere within any MR environment without risk or potential harm.

MR-UNSAFEMR-UNSAFE is any item that is a known threat or poses a hazard in all MR environments. An example of an MR-UNSAFE item would be a pair of ferromagnetic scissors, or any item consisting of ferrous metals.

MR-CONDITIONALMR-CONDITIONAL is for items that have been demonstrated to pose no known hazards in a specified MR environment with specified conditions of use. Conditions that may be used to define the specified MR environment include field strength, spatial gradient, RF fields, specific absorption rate (SAR), as well as the potential for additional conditions, such as operational conditions, for a device. The MR-CONDITIONAL label is used to alert users that there are certain limitations to the usability of the item or the testing that was performed. For example, an item may have been tested for a 1.5Tesla system, but not a 3Tesla. Items bearing the MR-CONDITIONAL icon should include additional information on the label regarding its limitations.

What if a product you see doesn’t have a safety icon?

Does that mean it can’t be used for MRI? No, it may still be designated as “MRI Compatible” according to the old standards. The lack of an icon simply means that the manufacturer has yet to re-test their products according to the new standard.

With AliMed's quality MRI equipment and supplies, medical facilities can provide a safer, comfortable environment for patients and medical staff. MR-Safe, MR-Conditional, and MR-Compatible products promote patient satisfaction by improving the patient experience.

For safe, comfortable MRI transport, AliMed® offers a range of gurneys and stretchers. For lightweight PVC construction to transport up to 300 lbs., choose the MRI Stretcher which is always warm to the touch for patient comfort. An MRI Folding Stretcher includes a patient restraint system, and an Aluminum Non-Ferromagnetic Gurney is certified to pass through pre-screen door systems. A full line of MR-Conditional wheelchairs conforms to new standards.

To optimize patient position and minimize movement, AliMed® provides a wide selection of patient positioners, immobilizers, and straps. For multiple uses and infection control, vinyl positioners can be easily wiped clean. For maximum infection control, antimicrobial, fluid-proof Protecta-Coat™ positioners feature an impenetrable, seamless antimicrobial coating that prevents fluid absorption.

AliMed® straps are strong, secure, and gentle to the skin. Our line offers single-use straps, reusable straps that can be cut to any length, and a heavy-duty, extra-wide immobilization strap that comes in two widths and three lengths to fit larger and bariatric patients.

For patient comfort during imaging procedures, MRI Support Surfaces are available in polyfoam with vinyl cover, T-Foam™ (memory foam) with anti-shear elastic cover, and closed-cell foam with seamless vinyl coating.