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VersaTech™ Monitor Arms
VersaTech™ Monitor Arms
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VuRyser1 Monitor Risers
VuRyser1 Monitor Risers
VuRyser2 Monitor Risers
VuRyser2 Monitor Risers

Monitor arms for ergonomic benefits

A monitor arm is an easy and efficient solution to increasing the office work surface, which is often crowded with everything from notes, papers, and planners to keyboards, monitors, lamps, and phones.

By “floating” a monitor above the desktop, you can easily adjust its height and depth, enabling you to view all your work tasks at the perfect height directly in front of you. When no longer needed, simply move the monitor out of the way.

How monitor arms facilitate a healthy, ergonomic work environment

With the monitor above the work surface, at an optimal viewing height and eye focus distance, you can sit comfortably, with neck and shoulders relaxed, wrists straight, and head centered above the torso. Working without an adjustable monitor arm may compromise the benefits of other ergo tools, such as seating; keyboard and mouse support accessories; and task lighting, as each of these work together to support healthy computer use. Monitor arms are thus a key component of an ergonomic workstation, increasing efficiency, minimizing discomfort, and helping ensure healthy computer use in the workplace.

Raised monitors reduce muscle pain and strain

Whether you are seated or standing, positioning the monitor at the correct ergonomic height is an integral part of any ergonomic workspace. The correct monitor height is achieved when your eye level is on a horizontal plane with the top of the monitor screen.

Working on an incorrectly positioned monitor can negate the benefits of any other ergonomic tools you may use. With monitor risers you get improved comfort, reduced muscle strain, reduced eye strain, and better posture.

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