Walking the Path to Memory Fitness

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  • Memory Fitness aids in understanding memory basics
  • Learn ways to enhance memory fitness
  • Memory Fitness Toolkit adds Brainteasers

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Walking the Path to Memory Fitness, One Week At A Time Kathryn Kilpatrick, MA, CCC/SLP Provides suggestions to help understand the basics of memory, the importance of paying attention, being organized, and having a positive attitude. This easy to use daily program will help you understand how busyness, stress and lifestyle choices can affect memory recall. Memory strategies and successful aging tips make this handy memory guide a top resource for all ages. Book gives a better understanding of what impacts the ability to remember and treatment for individuals with memory problems, including early stage dementia, and ways to enhance memory fitness. 

Now a NEW! Memory Fitness Toolkit adds a volume of brainteasers to the Extend the Memory strategies outlined in the manual. Includes a large variety of word puzzles to tease the brain and introduce possible activities that will help update memory fitness routine.

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