Major Extremity Pack

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Major Extremity Pack
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Major Extremity Pack, 4/cs #2970014209
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  • Improve the efficiency in your facility with standard surgical trays
  • Available to ship same day
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Product Details

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Surgical Packs and Trays Improve the efficiency in your facility with standard surgical trays. We offer surgical packs and trays that help save you time and money during procedures. There is no contract required, so you can order the packs as you need them. There are no lead times, as these packs are available to ship same day. The components of the packs are put together from various companies, at a fraction of the price you will pay for all essential items. All products in these packs and trays are not made with natural rubber latex.

Major Extremity Pack
 Case of 4.

Quantity Description
1 Bag, Bedside, 6"x12", Paper
1 Basin, Emesis, 700cc
1 Blade, No. 10, cs
2 Blade, No. 15
1 Bandage, Elastic, 4 yd x 5 yd, Matrix L-F
1 Bandage, Esmark, Blue, 4"x9"L-F
1 Bowl, 32 oz. Graduated
1 Cautery Pencil, Push-Button w/Holster
1 Cup, Medicine, Clear, 2 oz.
1 Drape, 53"x77-3/4", Aurora
1 Drape, Extremity, Aurora
1 Drape, U, Plastic, w/Tape, 54"x76"
10 Gauze, 4"x4", 12 ply, Banded 10s
10 Gauze, 4"x4", 16 ply X-Ray 10s
1 Gown, Aurora, Fabric, Rein, XL
1 Gown, Aurora, Non-reinf., XL w/Abs Twl
1 Label White, 1/2"x1-3/4", 9/card
2 Light Handle Cover
1 Mayo Stand Cover, 23"x54"
1 Needle, 25g x 1-1/2
1 Needle, Cntr, 20 ct. FmBlMag
1 Ruler for Skin, Marker
1 Skin Marker, Reg Tip
1 Stockinet, Impervious, 12"x48"
1 Syringe, 10 ml, Luer/Lock
1 Syringe bulb
1 Tubing, Suction, 1/4"x 144"
1 Table Cover, 60"x90" Reg Duty Bns
1 Tip, Cautery, 2-3/4", Ctd Black
1 Towel, OR, Blue
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