Left-Handed Keyboard

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Left-Handed Keyboard
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Left-Handed Keyboard #2970008931
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Product Highlights

  • Designed for left-handed users
  • High-quality mechanical switch design
  • PS/2 and USB input

Product Details

More About This Product

Left-Handed Keyboard repositions the placement of the keypad and the arrow keys to the left side of the keyboard. Allows a closer, more ergonomic mousing position that eliminates reaching. Keyboard supports both PS/2 and USB input. Black.

18"W x 1-1/2"H x 6"D

What Are the benefits of a Left Handed Keyboard?

A left-handed keyboard allows left-handed users to more naturally and ergonomically utilize their natural lefty strengths. Theses lefty keyboards place the numeric keypad and directional arrow keys to the left of the alphabetic keyboard keypad. Even those who aren’t left handed may benefit from a lefty keyboard. For example, left-handed keyboards can also be used by people who have limited or one-handed keyboard usage needs. In addition some two-handed, not left-handed, typists use the left-handed keyboard to prevent or relieve repetitive discomfort in the hand, wrist, or arm. Those who are right handed may find that using a left-handed keyboard allows for a more ergonomic mouse location near the center of their work area. Bringing the keyboard closer to the mouse can reduce the pain or discomfort caused by reaching for the mouse. For left-handed users, the left-handed keyboard also enables a more even distribution of the workload between both hands. With a standard keyboard, left handed users use their right hand for the arrow keys and the numeric pad, or have to reach awkwardly across the keyboard. Using a lefty keyboard eliminates this issue. The left-handed keyboard also works well with all ambidextrous mice.

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