KYRA® Clean™ Lithotomy Stirrups

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Product Highlights

  • Completely fabric-free design for seamless cleanability during lithotomy procedures 
  • Fabric-free silicone Secure-Lok™ straps for greater infection control 
  • Pressure-reducing, waterproof foam padding with antimicrobial coating 
  • Curved rod eliminates dangerous pinch hazards and allows for 22° more lithotomy range of motion than traditional stirrups 
  • Available in two weight capacities

Product Details

More About This Product

KYRA® Clean™ Lithotomy Stirrups are an innovative finned stirrup designed for reducing cross-contamination. The completely fabric-free design features durable silicone Secure-Lok™ straps and a unique waterproof pad set made of premium pressure-reducing foam with an antimicrobial coating for seamless cleanability and greater infection control. All KYRA Clean Lithotomy Stirrups come standard with a premium stainless-steel gas-shock curved rod that eliminates dangerous pinch hazards and provides 22° more lithotomy range of motion (+85° to -55°) than traditional surgical stirrups for unparalleled site access during robotic-assisted procedures. Stirrups also allow for more working space and feature a larger boot with extra padding to support today’s patient. Sold in pairs or Left or Right Side Only.

Clean 350: 13.2 lbs. • 350-lb. capacity • Purple
Clean 500: 14.4 lbs. • 500-lb. capacity • Grey

Two flat blade table clamps required (sold separately): Compatible with KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp or AliMed Clark Socket Plus.

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