Keyboard Trays

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Reduce repetitive stress injury, free up desk space

Using the proper ergonomic keyboard tray for your workstation can help reduce repetitive stress injuries (RSI) caused by improperly aligned keyboards. Plus, using a Keyboard Tray frees up valuable desk space to create a more effi cient workspace.

Things to look for when selecting a keyboard tray

Height Adjustability For proper wrist and arm alignment, choose a tray that can easily be adjusted to the right height for you.

Keyboard Tilt Adjustability Eliminate wrist fl exion and RSI by adjusting the tilt of the tray to a comfortable, negative angle that supports the natural posture of your wrists.

Mouse Position Choose a tray that has ample room to fi t your mouse on either side of your keyboard. The mouse should be on the same level as the keyboard or floating on the side of your keyboard tray.

Palm Rest Built-in palm rests are a must-have for maintaining a healthy typing position and are helpful during periods where your hands are inactive.

Sliding Tracks Keyboard tray tracks allow you to move closer to (or farther from) the monitor to relieve eyestrain while maintaining an ergonomic setup and proper operational height.

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