Isolation/Infection Control Carts

Isolation Carts

Critical access to critical supplies

Designed with deeper drawers and in a range of sizes, AliMed Isolation Carts hold everything you need - from gloves to gowns - to help protect you and your patients from the spread of infection.

Choose the AliMed Isolation Cart that Works Best

  • Mini - Compact medical carts and are made to fit narrow hallways or for bedside use.
  • Standard - Double-wall steel construction medical carts are built to last.
  • Select - 30% Lighter than standard medical cart models.

Choose your Material

  • Lightweight aluminum (Select/Wide)
  • Durable steel (Standard/Mini)

Choose your Accessories

  • Glove Box Holder
  • Waste Container w/Touch Top
  • Wire Basket Chart Holder
  • Sharps Bracket