Improving Overall Intelligibility

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Improving Overall Intelligibility
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Improving Overall Intelligibility #83144
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  • Helps improve intelligibility and reduces children’s frustration of not being understood
  • Divided into two sections, Early and Late Developing Sounds
  • Includes online access to 86 full-color printable pages

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Improving Overall Intelligibility Systematically improves intelligibility and reduces children’s frustration of not being understood due to apraxia, weak or imprecise articulation, and/or autism, and easily adapted to individual needs. This program is divided into two sections: Early and Late Developing Sounds. Early Developing Sounds include: /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, /ng/, /m/, /n/, /j/, /h/, and /w/. Late Developing Sounds include: /f, /v/, voiced and voiceless /th/, /l/, /dg/, /ch/, /sh/, /s/, /z/, and /r/. All activities are designed to help achieve intelligibility in connected speech and include picture scene; scene-related page, which includes types of questions from wh-, category, inference, compare/contrast, paraphrasing, problem solving, social communication, sequencing; a list of target words; and answer key.

197 pages plus online access to 86 full color printable pages

WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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