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  • AliMed® Universal Econo-Strap AliMed® Universal Econo-Strap
    • Inexpensive enough to be a disposable strap
    • Strong, secure strap construction
    • Comfortable against patient's skin
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  • AliStrap® AliStrap®
    • The most versatile back-to-back hook-and-loop positioning strap
    • Skin-safe, soft edges, strong closure
    • Five width options, including our 10"W Maxx for stabilizing even your largest patients
    • Hundreds of applications from patient positioning to cord management 


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  • AliStrap® Soft AliStrap® Soft
    • For sensitive or fragile skin
    • Padded with soft edges
    • Back-to-back hook-and-loop construction
    • Strong, versatile


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  • EZY Wrap® Economy Universal Cervical Collar EZY Wrap® Economy Universal Cervical Collar
    • Medium-density urethane foam with synthtic white stockinette cover
    • Can be reversed for flexion or extension
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  • Foam Head Block Foam Head Block
    • Light weight head immobilizer
    • Affordably priced
    • Highly visible orange vinyl exterior

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  • Folding Splints Folding Splints
    • For use in limb immobilization
    • Plastic corrugated folding splints are available in a variety of sizes and foam options

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  • Joslin ER Sling™ Joslin ER Sling™
    • Disposable
    • Stretches to fit a wide variety of sizes
    • Tough arm sling lasts up to two weeks under normal use
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  • Padded Board Splint Padded Board Splint
    • Solid wood core
    • 1/2" foam on one side for patient comfort
    • Sealed with durable orange vinyl that can be easily cleaned for reuse

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  • Push Button Strap Push Button Strap
    • Polypropylene straps intended for securing a patient to equipment such as a backboard or stretcher
    • Easily adjusted for a custom fit

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  • The Original Best Strap™ System The Original Best Strap™ System
    • Provides fast and firm total body immobilization
    • 5 adjustable torso/limb straps with an adjustable center strap

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  • Traction Ankle Hitch Traction Ankle Hitch
    • Totally wraps around ankle
    • Hook-and-loop closure
    • Padded orange vinyl

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