IceAlert® System

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Product Highlights

  • IceAlert protects staff and visitors from ice related slips and falls
  • IceAlert System Universal Mount changes color as temperature falls, warning of possible icy conditions
  • Explanatory IceAlert signs alert pedestrians to the system

Product Details

More About This Product

IceAlert® System Temperature-sensitive, color-changing indicator helps reduce liability and protect patients, visitors, and staff from costly, ice-related fall injuries at exits and entryways, on walkways, and in parking areas. 6"-diameter indicators change colors as the temperature falls from above freezing to freezing, warning pedestrians of possible icy conditions. Easy-to-install stand-alone units require no electricity. Rugged, reliable, and very cost-effective.

Explanatory IceAlert Door Cling and Reflective Aluminum Explanatory IceAlert Signs alert pedestrians to the system (these IceAlert signs do not change color, they are to alert pedestrians to the system only).

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