Horizon™ Back Braces

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Product Highlights

  • One size, easily adjustable back braces
  • SlickTrack tightening system for maximum pressure relief
  • Fits waists ranging from 24" to 70"

Product Details

More About This Product

Horizon™ Back Braces provide support, motion restriction, and pain relief for the lower spine for those recovering from surgery or injury. Braces can be made less supportive as needed. Easily adjustable—one brace can fit waists ranging from 24"-70"*. Integrated anterior panels on each end of the brace for guaranteed midline support. SlickTrack™ tightening system independently tightens top and bottom, allowing localized compression for maximum pressure relief. Firm but flexible back panel naturally conforms to patient lordosis while providing structural support. Extension panel, required for waists 50"-70".

A. Horizon™ 627 Lumbar has the lowest-profile design. Creates circumferential compression to increase trunk stability and relieve targeted pain. Suggested code: L0627

B. Horizon™ 631 LSO provides anterior and posterior restriction. Promotes a rapid recovery and return to mobility. Suggested code: L0631

C. Horizon™ 637 LSO with anterior and posterior restriction, plus moveable, rigid side panels that provide lateral support. Suggested code: L0637

D. Horizon™ 456 TLSO uses telescoping shoulder straps to provide 13" of height adjustment to fit even the tallest patients. Open shoulder strap configuration for easy on/off. Provides optimal flexion and rotation control. Suggested code: L0456

Extension Panel Used with Horizon back braces to comfortably fit waist sizes from 50" to 70".

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