Headmaster Collar

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Product Highlights

  • Provides excellent support and control
  • Open design is cool and unobtrusive to wear
  • Bend manually for custom fit
  • Soft rear strap with hook-and-loop closure

Product Details

More About This Product

Headmaster Collar provides excellent support and control. Open design is cool and unobtrusive to wear. Bend manually for custom fit. Soft rear strap with hook-and-loop closure.

Optional Extension Neck Pad attaches to the inside rear of the neck strap for extension support. Place the pads lateral to the occiput. Bend to a comfortable fit.

Neck Pad and Neck Extension Pads are fully cloth-covered.

Sizing: Measure from center of chin to corner of jaw. If measurement falls between sizes, choose smaller size.
Infant: 2-1/2"
Child: 3"
Junior: 3-1/2"
Small: 4"
Medium: 4-1/2"
Large: 5"

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