Hapad® Metatarsal Cookies

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Hapad® Metatarsal Cookies
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Product Highlights

  • Adhesive-backed 5/16" metatarsal cookie pad
  • A wider metatarsal pad that eliminates pressure across the entire metatarsal arch
  • Available in Men's, Women's and Pediatric sizes
  • Metatarsal cookie pads are sold in pairs

Product Details

More About This Product

Hapad® Metatarsal Cookie Pads: Traditional 5/16" metatarsal cushion. More comfortable for E to EEE width feet. Adhesive-backed pads. Hapad Metatarsal Cookie Pads provide relief from corns and calluses across the metatarsal arch (the ball-of-the-foot).

Suggested code: L3050.

Size options:
Men's Metatarsal Cookie Pads
Women's Metatarsal Cookie Pads
Pediatric Metatarsal Cookie Pads - these pads are 1/4" thick

What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a condition marked by pain and inflammation in the ball-of-the-foot. Metatarsalgia is often associated with physically activities that involve running and jumping, and metatarsalgia can also develop from wearing ill-fitting shoes. While metatarsalgia can cause a reduction in activity, conservative treatments can often relieve metatarsalgia symptoms. These metatarsalgia treatments may include adjusting to proper footwear and adding shock-absorbing insoles or specific pads - like metatarsal cookie pads. 

What is a Metatarsal Cookie Pad?

Metatarsal cookies are specifically designed to reduce excessive pressure behind the toes. The metatarsal cookie pad is placed centrally in the footwear to relieve pressure on the ball-of-the-foot. In particular, the wider shape of the Hapad metatarsal cookie pad eliminates pressure across the entire metatarsal arch.

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