SkiL-Care™ Geriatric Sensory Stimulation

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SkiL-Care™ Geriatric Sensory Stimulation
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  • SkiL-Care™ Geriatric Sensory Stimulation
  • SkiL-Care™ Geriatric Sensory Stimulation
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  • For tactile and visual stimulation
  • Builds finger strength, improves hand dexterity

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SkiL-Care™ Geriatric Sensory Stimulation

Tic Tac Toe A fun way to fine-tune coordination and increase attention span. User moves plastic disks across gel playing board for tactile and visual stimulation, enhanced eye-hand coordination, increased finger strength, and improved hand dexterity. Designed to allow two people to participate in activity.

Flower Gel Pad This heat-sealed vinyl, gel-filled Flower Pad can be used as a convenient and comfortable seating platform when used on the floor. It can also be used on the table as a sensory stimulation pad that will provide tactile and visual stimulation. Stimulation pads enhance eye-hand coordination, improve finger strength and dexterity, and cushion against injury caused by uncontrolled motor activity. These pads also reduce boredom and increase attention span. 24" x 24".

Gel Shapes Sensory Items Cushion tabletop to protect against injury caused by uncontrolled motor activity. User guides plastic disks around gel. For tactile and visual stimulation and to enhance eye-hand coordination. Build finger strength, improve hand dexterity, and increase attention span. Great for Alzheimer’s and patients with dementia.

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