FREEDOM® comfort™ OA Knee Orthosis

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FREEDOM® comfort™ OA Knee Orthosis
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Product Highlights

  • Removable straps and pads
  • Can be easily washed

Product Details

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FREEDOM® comfort™ OA Knee Orthosis features removable straps and pads — now they can be easily washed when brace is worn for an extended length of time. It’s also fully padded for extra comfort — we’ve even included a polar-fleece cover on the kneepad area. Our OA Knee Orthosis is ideal for alleviating the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis common in the older athlete — especially after prolonged activity — and for those individuals with medial compartment syndrome. The brace has been quality engineered as an economical way to preserve activity while providing the maximum cushiony support where you need it most.

The brace’s sleek, low-profile design allows it to be worn under slacks. Aluminum cuffs with a layer of T-Foam™ bend to conform the brace perfectly to the leg. The brace's hook-sensitive neoprene main strap ensures cushioned comfort. The self-centering polycentric joint approximates actual knee rotation to allow a free, natural gait.

T-Foam-padded medial metal uprights are rigid to withstand a corrective force without flexing. A fixed extension-stop is incorporated to prevent hyperextension.

Force is controlled by tightness of straps adjacent to the knee joint.

Suggested code: L1845.

Sizing: Measure thigh circumference 7" from top of patella.
Small/Medium: less than 19"
Medium/Large: 20"-29"

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