FREEDOM® Adjustable Footdrop Brace

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Product Highlights

  • Easy to attach, apply, and adjust
  • Attaches to any lace-up shoe
  • Can move easily from shoe to shoe

Product Details

More About This Product

FREEDOM® Adjustable Footdrop Brace Finally, a footdrop brace that can be applied in seconds, can easily be moved from shoe to shoe, and is easy to adjust—it's that simple! Unlike hard, restrictive foot drop braces that lock the foot into one position, the FREEDOM Adjustable Footdrop Brace promotes a more natural foot motion than traditional AFO braces. Support is given only where it is needed—support with the FREEDOM to function.

The brace limits plantarflexion only—ankle motion is otherwise unhindered. This freedom of movement helps maintain ankle strength and proprioception that can easily be lost due to excessive immobilization or "over bracing." Give your patients the FREEDOM to walk naturally again—no more tripping or slapping while walking. Unique closure allows the wearer to customize the level of support throughout the day with a simple pull on the adjuster strap. Quick-release attachment buckle permits easy transfer of the foot drop brace from shoe to shoe.

Lightweight neoprene cuff and hook-and-loop closure make this brace easy to apply and adjust for a proper fit. Plastic stiffeners also help prevent cuff from migrating during wear. Can be worn with any men's or women's dress, casual, or athletic shoe with lace-up or hook-and-loop closure. No need to go up a shoe size to accommodate an in-shoe AFO. And by attaching a shoe strap to each pair of shoes, one brace can be easily moved to the shoe of choice. Each brace includes two shoe straps. Additional straps sold separately.

Sizing: Measure lower leg just above ankle joint at narrowest point. Fits circumference up to 10-1/2".

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