Edge Protectors

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AliMed® SoftEdge™
AliMed® SoftEdge™
Starting at $33.50 
AliMed® SoftEdge™ Corners
AliMed® SoftEdge™ Corners
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Safeguard staff and patients from sharp edges and corners

Edge Protectors help protect workers from work-related injury, and provide a comfortable resting surface. They also help protect patients from potential fall-related injuries.

Proper edge protection is a crucial preventive measure for any business where workers are exposed to the sharp edges of workstations, benches, conveyor belts, and desks. Falling on or into sharp edges can lead to severe injury. Leaning against sharp surfaces can cut off circulation, causing fatigue and strain that can reduce workers’ output and potentially lead to serious muscle and nerve atrophy.

More than just a buffer against sharp corners and work surfaces, edge protection actually improves circulation. Edge protection is a great, low-cost alternative for palm or wrist support while keyboarding.

In addition, edge protectors play a crucial role in any comprehensive fall management program, helping reduce the risk of injury near doorways, bedroom furniture, and bathrooms. All AliMed® edge protectors include hook-and-loop fasteners for easy, secure attachment. All can be wiped clean easily and can adjust to fit any table surface.

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