AliMed® Dynamic Foot Stabilizer™ (DFS™)

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AliMed® Dynamic Foot Stabilizer™ (DFS™)
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Product Highlights

  • Helps control transverse plane rotation and reduce pronation
  • Reduces pronation
  • Fits in most shoes

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® Dynamic Foot Stabilizer™ (DFS™)  Patients who are prone to develop Hallux Abducto Valgus or who have had surgical correction of bunions have a tendency for transverse plane rotation. The DFS helps control this rotation by reducing pronatory motion at the subtalar joint. Other applications include patients with tibial pain or difficulty tolerating traditional orthotics due to a lack of foot control.

Patented DFS features:

  • Deep 5° offset heel seat significantly reduces and decelerates pronatory motion at the subtalar joint and controls midtarsal joint motion in the horizontal plane
  • Independent medial and lateral column controls with high medial and lateral flanges focus on specific control of calcaneus and medial column
  • Long lateral flange for controlling abduction of the forefoot often associated with H.A.V. 

Sizing should be fit by trial & error. Sizes given are approximate by shoe size.

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