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  • ABI Doppler System ABI Doppler System
    • Configured for conduction peripheral vascular exams
    • Automatic calibration
    • Fast waveform printout
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  • Elite Doppler System Elite Doppler System
    • Configurable, broad-beam technology for multiple uses
    • Large probe face quickly locates fetal heart tones
    • Auto-correlation calculates fetal heart or pulse rate
    • Includes built-in speaker, one probe, and 9V battery
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  • Huntleigh Dopplex® SD2 Huntleigh Dopplex® SD2
    • Hand-held bidirectional Doppler
    • Allows earlier and more sensitive detection of vascular disease
    • Can connect to any ECG via a custom built cable
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  • Huntleigh Mini Dopplex (D900) Huntleigh Mini Dopplex (D900)
    • Nondirectional, pocket-sized doppler is audio-only – all the standard features of traditional Doppler, but at significantly less expense
    • 5 MHz unit for deeper vessel evaluation, 8 MHz for superficial vessels
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    • Portable
    • With digital vascular heart rate display
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  • IMEXDOP CT+ Vascular and OB Doppler IMEXDOP CT+ Vascular and OB Doppler
    • Portable counter top/wall mount ultrasound doppler system with vascular heart rate display and recharging stand
    • One charge lasts for 120 applications
    • 8' long probe cord
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  • LifeDop™ Dopplers LifeDop™ Dopplers
    • Superior, high-fidelity sound quality
    • Advanced probe sensitivity
    • >400% increased battery life
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  • LifeDop™ Vascular Testing System LifeDop™ Vascular Testing System
    • Automatic frequency calibration and waveform memory
    • 8-MHz, ultrasensitive, bi-directional vascular probe with optimal beam shape
    • Automatic waveform scaling to avoid clipped waveforms
    • Portable, rechargeable printer
    • 50 easy-to-use ABI reimbursement forms
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  • Pinnacle Tabletop LifeDop Doppler Pinnacle Tabletop LifeDop Doppler
    • Tabletop display doppler
    • Superior sound quality
    • PC-style cable locking system,
    • Extended battery life
    • Enhanced probe sensitivity
    • Optional interchangeable probes
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  • Pocket-Dop II Pocket-Dop II
    • Accommodates four interchangeable probe sizes
    • Built-in speaker eliminates the need for separate obstetrical and vascular dopplers
    • Accurately monitors pulse and blood pressure, even in the noisiest environments
    • Locates vessels for catheterization, withdrawal, injection, or IV therapy
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  • Summit Fetal Doppler Systems and Probes Summit Fetal Doppler Systems and Probes
    • Summit Doppler Systems have superior sound quality and sensitivity through new microchip technology
    • Built-in audio recorder
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