FREEDOM® CTS Grip-Fit™ Splint

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Product Highlights

  • Provides soothing warmth to the wrist and hand
  • Ideal for arthritis sufferers
  • Made of stretchable neoprene covered with nylon

Product Details

More About This Product

FREEDOM® CTS Grip-Fit™ Splints control excessive wrist bending without restricting grip strength or exerting pressure on the underside of the wrist. Objects can be firmly grasped. These splints provide full grip strength without impairing finger motion or hand function. They comfortably conform to the hand and wrist. Dorsal spring discourages harmful bending of the wrist while holding wrist in a more natural, neutral position. Plastic stay is located on the back of the hand, not in the palm, ending interference and discomfort associated with the metal stays of traditional splints.

Splints are available in two versions: Neoprene or AliDry. Both versions are made of stretchable material and have three hook-and-loop closures to provide a precise fit. For users who desire extra support, these splints feature an optional fourth closure. Both provide a broad range of adjustment, regardless of hand or wrist size.

CTS Neoprene Grip-Fit™ Splint provides soothing warmth to the wrist and hand. Ideal for arthritis sufferers, cool workplace environments, or when warmth is prescribed for relief of discomfort. This extra-supportive splint is made of stretchable neoprene covered with nylon. Washable. Blue.

CTS AliDry™ Grip-Fit™ Splint provides cool, comfortable support and all-day comfort. AliDry™ allows air and moisture to pass through freely. Ideal for sports, for user desiring a splint that wicks away moisture, or anyone who wants an easy-to-apply splint. Thin, breathable AliDry material actually prevents odor and perspiration buildup. Fits comfortably inside of work gloves. Lightweight elastic interior allows for easy application. Completely washable. Black.

Suggested code: L39008.

Sizing: Measure around wrist at smallest point.
Small: 5" to 6"
Medium: 6" to 6-3/4"
Large: 6-3/4" to 7-3/4"
X-Large: 7-3/4" to 8-3/4"

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