CT Accessories

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  • AliMed® Sanitary Headset Covers AliMed® Sanitary Headset Covers
    • Sanitary headset protection
    • Headphone covers protect patients during any scans
    • Large size covers fit easily over the earmuff of any larger style headphones, including the Noise Guard and Slimline Noise Guard Headphones
    • Small size covers fit over smaller sized headsets

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  • CT Simulator for Bone Mineral Analysis System CT Simulator for Bone Mineral Analysis System
    • Accurately simulates the size, shape, and CT density of human tissue
    • Use immediately on any CT scanner
    • Monitor effects of therapy on trabecular structure
    • Directly measure calcium hydroxyapatite content
    • Accurate correlation for quantitative studies
    • Requires no special scanner software
    • Provides the age-related variable corrections for marrow fat and mineral content
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  • Indicator Markers Indicator Markers
    • Radiopaque and visible in X-ray, CT and mammography
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  • MRI Prism Glasses MRI Prism Glasses
    • Allow patients to see room outside the bore of the magnet during MRI procedure
    • Fit over corrective lenses

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  • Multi-Modality Markers Multi-Modality Markers
    • Provides a clear and accurate reference point on any type of scan
    • Visible on all MRI sequences for T-spines, head, neck, extremities imaging, hot spots, pain locations and masses

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