Common Problems Useful Solutions: Bariatric Bed Pans

Common Problems Useful Solutions

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Bedridden patients are unable to lift themselves or roll over for proper bed pan placement. They may also have difficulty fitting on small, narrow bed pan models, which are uncomfortable to use and easy to tip.




AliMed® Bariatric Bed Pans

Our best-selling bed pan supports any size patient up to 1,200 lbs. and features a lower profile and wider seat compared to other models, allowing easier insertion and removal for better patient comfort. You’ll never need another bed pan!


  1. For faster and easier cleanup, super-absorbent CareBag® Bedpan Liners turn liquid into gel in just seconds while helping prevent cross-contamination (sold separately)
  2. Features low profile – ½”H rim at lowest edge for easier insertion and removal
  3. 1,200-lb. capacity