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Shoulder Subluxation


Muscle weakness or imbalance caused by stroke or upper body injury leads to painful subluxation, contracture, or poor joint alignment.


Alimed® Hemi-Shoulder Slings

Our fully adjustable sling features a unique shoulder saddle that transfers arm weight to the scapula, reducing painful subluxation of the shoulder and humeral joint while maintaining full ROM and preventing potential contracture. Wearable over or under clothing.

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hemi-shoulder sling
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop chest strap
  • shoulder saddle Shoulder saddle acts as an anchor point—scapula bears the arm weight
  • adjustable fixation straps Three adjustable fixation straps allow for correction of muscle imbalance and help control rotation
  • gusseted panel Gusseted panel adjusts to fluctuations in edema and aids with donning/doffing
  • Biceps-triceps belly-band locks cuff in place for security