Common Problems Useful Solutions: MultiBoot Xtra

Common Problems Useful Solutions

Heel & Skin Protection





Immobile Patients with lower extremity weakness are at an increased risk of developing secondary injuries due to pressure, cross-legged positioning, or foot drop. Lack of air flow, padding and other protection can lead to further injury.





Ankle and contracture management boot with fully covered plastic shell and padded spine holds foot in neutral to prevent footdrop while providing pressure relief and minimizing risk of cross-legged injury. Breathable, moisture-wicking liner keeps fragile skin cool and dry.


  1. Generously padded straps hold foot securely in place and protect shin and foot
  2. Padded toe plate keeps pressure and friction off of toes
  3. Flat, nonskid toe-plate attachment knob provides a safe transfer point for pivot or step transfers—remove knob for a flat base to help prevent falls during unaided transfers
  4. Breathable, moisture-wicking liner keeps fragile skin cool and dry, reducing skin breakdown
  5. Rigid shell holds foot in neutral to help prevent footdrop
  6. Additional calf padding safeguards the Achilles region and fully suspends heel for optimal air flow, wound healing, and pressure relief