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Common Problems
Useful Solutions

Safe Patient Handling


Traditional woven gait belts with stitching and seams can harbor hidden pathogens and be difficult to clean, increasing the danger of spreading harmful bacteria and viruses from patient to patient.


Alimed® Soft Wipeable Gait Belts

Our soft, flexible, easy-grip gait belt features an antimicrobial-treated plastic strap with fully welded, seamless edges that leaves nowhere for bacteria to hide. Plus, it's easy to clean between patients with any common spray disinfectant to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination for safer patient transfers without transferring harmful pathogens.

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wipeable gait belt
  • open heel inset Easy-release clip-style plastic buckle provides a secure closure
  • open heel inset Soft, flexible strap is easier and more comfortable to grip during transfers
  • open heel inset Fully welded edges allow for easy cleaning
  • open heel inset Antimicrobial-treated belt offers enhanced infection control


Alimed® Antimicrobial-Treated Gait Belts

These tried-and-true gait belts offer all the strength and security of a traditional, fabric-style belt with the added benefit of bacteria-fighting silver particles embedded in the fabric to decrease the spread of infection.

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antimicrobial gait belt
  • open heel inset Silver ions resist and inhibit the growth and rapid replication of microorganisms — keeping surfaces cleaner, longer
  • Launder repeatedly without losing efficacy
  • Durable, easy-release metal buckle offers a secure hold
  • open heel inset Soft-yet-sturdy fabric provides a secure grip for safer transfers