Comfy™ Pediatric Goniometer Elbow Orthosis

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Product Highlights

  • Goniometer dial can be set to static position or desired flexion/extension in 5-degree increments
  • Sized specifically for pediatric patients
  • Treats nonfixed contractures of the elbow
  • Custom fit with no tools or heat guns
  • Available in two cover options

Product Details

More About This Product

Comfy™ Pediatric Goniometer Elbow Orthosis provides customizable support for gradual extension of nonfixed elbow contractures, featuring adjustable metal frames that bend to fit without heat or additional tools—and properly sized for a child’s anatomy. The Goniometer model allows for range of movement or can be set to a static position. The gonionmeter dial can adjust flexion/extension in 5-degree increments. Includes Allen wrench stored in the frame of the orthosis for adjustments. Fits left or right.

Two cover options:
Terrycloth covers are soft, removable, and machine-washable with thicker foam padding and DriRelease® fabric embedded with Freshguard® to help absorb moisture and neutralize odors. All pediatric Terrycloth covers are color-coded by size (Small=Purple, Medium=Turquoise, Large=Emerald Green).
Comfyprene™ covers are nonremovable and surface-cleanable, made of soft, slim neoprene with removable, adjustable straps. Available in choice of Dark Blue or Light Blue.

Suggested code: L3760

Pediatric Sizing:

 Size  Elbow crease towards wrist
 Elbow crease towards shoulder Total Splint Length  Avg. Age
 Small  3-1/4"  3-1/4"
 up to 4 yrs.
 Medium  3-3/4"
 3-3/4"  7-1/2"
 4 to 9 yrs.
 Large  4-1/2"
 9 yrs. to small adult
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