Comfy™ Adult Elbow and Hand Orthosis

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Product Highlights

  • Two-part frame simultaneously extends the elbow and hand and accounts for upper extremity flexion synergy
  • Treats nonfixed contractures of the elbow
  • Custom fit with no tools or heat guns
  • Choice of three attachments: Full Hand, Hand Roll, or Hand/Thumb
  • Soft, removable terrycloth or antimicrobial headliner covers

Product Details

More About This Product

Comfy™ Adult Elbow and Hand Orthosis features adjustable metal frames that bend to fit without heat or additional tools. Two-part frame provides customizable support for gradual extension of nonfixed elbow contractures, allowing for simultaneous extension of the elbow and hand, and accounting for upper extremity flexion synergy. Can be rotated to better accommodate pronation and supination.

Available with Full Hand attachment, Hand Roll attachment to extend and support finger joints, or Hand/Thumb attachment for added thumb support.

Two cover options:
Terrycloth covers are soft, removable, and machine-washable with thicker foam padding and DriRelease® fabric embedded with Freshguard® to help absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Navy.
Headliner covers are soft, removable, and antimicrobial-treated with moisture control for greater infection prevention. Navy. (Only available for Adult Full Hand model).


 Size  Elbow   Crease   Towards   Wrist
 Elbow  Crease   Towards   Shoulder
 Total   Splint   Length
 Circumference of  Biceps
 Adult   Small  5"  5"
 10"  9"-12"
 Adult   5-1/4"  5-1/4"
 10-1/2"  11"-15"
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