Cassette Accessories and Film

For all your x-ray cassette needs. AliMed offers a wide variety of radiation cassette accessories. We are committed to providing your facility with the best assortment of dependable diagnostic imaging supplies, cassette protectors, cassette holders, sterile and non-sterile covers, x-ray grids and x-ray film.

Choosing the Right Grid and Grid Encasement

Because image quality can be greatly affected by the choice of grid, choosing the correct specifications is very important. The following information is needed when choosing a grid/grid encasement: Size, Ratio, Line Count, and Focal Distance.

Size: AliMed offers five sizes of grids. In addition, grids from 5" x 7" up to 15" x 51" in multiple shapes and configurations can be special-ordered.

Ratio: The relationship of the height of the lead strip to the distance between the lead strips. The higher the ratio, the more effective the grid (note that higher ratios require higher exposure rates). AliMed offers four ratios: 6:1, 8:1, 10:1, and 12:1.

Line Count: The number of X-ray-absorbing strips per inch, measured as Lines Per Inch (LPI). 103 LPI is best for analog, 178 is best for CR, while 200 is best for DR—AliMed offers these LPIs standard, and 215 and 230 LPI are available by special order.

Focal Distance: Depending on the type of X-ray exam, different focal distances are required. Focal distance is the perpendicular distance between the grid and its convergent point/line. Three focal distances are available: Short (26"-32"), Medium (34"-44"), and Long (40"-72").

What are Grid Encasements?
AliMed offers two styles of grid encasements to protect valuable X-ray grids and allow for convenient handling and operation. In addition to protecting X-ray grids, grid encasements convert cassettes into grid cassettes.

Have a grid and need an encasement?
Call us to find out about retrofitting. We can arrange to encase your current grid with either encasement. Call 888.625.4633 x103.

Please note: Grids and grid encasements are not returnable. Cassettes are not included with any of our products, but can be special-ordered.
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