Breathable Splints and Braces for Summer

August 12, 2022

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Summer is here and so is the heat. If you need to wear a brace, splint, or other protective gear, you may have experienced discomfort from the heat during warmer weather. Breathable products make it easier to stay cool during warmer climates or a heat wave by wicking away sweat and allowing air to flow through. Check out our breathable splints and braces for warm summer days and nights.

Daytime Breathable Splints and Braces

Many wearable products are worn during the day. When temperatures are high, breathable fabrics that are moisture wicking can increase comfort for all-day wearability. Here are a few of our most popular breathable daytime wear:

AliMed® MultiBoot™ Xtra Ankle Contracture Boot – Breathable, moisture-wicking liner keeps fragile skin cool and dry, reducing skin breakdown while additional calf padding safeguards the fragile Achilles region and fully suspends heel for optimal airflow, wound healing, and pressure relief.

AliMed® FREEDOM® Hinged Plus Knee Brace – Breathable 1/8”-thick open-cell material is comfortable, flexible, and cooler than neoprene. Large popliteal opening minimizes bunching behind the knee and provides comfortable positioning for medial and lateral collateral ligament instability, and mild to moderate ACL/PCL instabilities.

AliMed® Wrist Compression Sleeve –  Seamless, lightweight, breathable knit elastic sleeve with reinforced thumbhole helps reduce edema and discomfort, offering support and promoting circulation in the hand and wrist.

Nighttime Breathable Splints and Braces

During sleep, the last thing we want to feel is hot or uncomfortable. We listed our favorite night splints and knee pillows that allow for breathable comfort throughout the night.

AliMed® Early Fit™ Adjustable Ventilated Night Splint – Soft, breathable padded terry liner cushions and protects heel while limiting footdrop.

AliMed® Classic Pediatric Night Splint – Featuring a breathable, padded liner, this Pediatric Night Splint helps prevent heel cord (Achilles tendon) shortening while sleeping.

AliMed® Side-Sleep Knee Pillow – Soft donut-shaped pillow enclosed in a breathable seamless knit elastic sleeve soothes the knee area for nighttime relief of pain associated with total knee replacement or arthritis


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