Blickman Five-Leg IV Stands

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Product Highlights

  • Stainless steel or chrome posts
  • Models with 2, 4, or 6 interchangeable ram’s horn hooks
  • Choice of three types of height-adjustment mechanisms

Product Details

More About This Product

Blickman Five-Leg IV Stands sit on a 24"-diameter, polished die-cast aluminum base with Wall Saver™ end caps to protect against scuffmarks. With this line of IV stands, you have options—available in 10 variations to meet your specific needs. Choose from Stainless Steel or Chrome Posts, three different height-adjustment mechanisms (see below), and Two- or Four-Hook interchangeable ram’s horn. Select your caster type, 2-1/2" nylon twin casters or 2" or 3" hard rubber swivel casters. All stands feature poly-coated hooks for secure grip. Choose one of our Heavy-Duty models for special features, including extra-durable chrome IV stand with 1-1/4"-diameter base pole and 1”-diameter extension pole, and choice of Four- or Six-Hook interchangeable ram’s horn. Minimal assembly required.

Height-adjustment mechanisms explained:
The Tru-Loc is a plastic hand wheel or knob that screws down to tighten pole friction at the desired height.
The Twistlock has a knurled knob that compresses as you rotate it around the pole to secure at its desired height.
The Auto Thumb or “slide lock” mechanism is an internal device installed inside the pole that allows the pole to be raised with one hand. Once set at the desired height, it automatically locks into place. To lower the pole, one simply needs to depress the thumb “trigger” and the pole can be lowered to the desired height.

5 legs • 24"-diameter, polished die-cast aluminum base 


Item Pole Hooks Hgt. Adj. Type of Adj. Base
927249 Chrome 2 52.5" - 93.5" Tru-loc 5-leg
927250 Chrome 4 52.5" - 93.5" Tru-loc 5-leg
927253 Stainless steel 2 52" - 94" Tru-loc 5-leg
927254 Stainless steel 4 52" - 94" Tru-loc 5-leg
927255 Stainless steel 2 74" - 110" Twistlock 5-leg
927256 Stainless steel 4 74" - 110" Twistlock 5-leg
927257 Stainless steel 2 67" - 98" Auto thumb 5-leg
927258 Stainless steel 4 67" - 98" Auto thumb 5-leg
927251 Chrome, Heavy Duty
4 56" - 100"
Tru-loc 5-leg
927252 Chrome, Heavy Duty 
6 56" - 100"
Tru-loc 5-leg


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