Improved storage and organization results in a number of benefits, including easier identification of low inventory, reduced losses, and increased overall efficiency to help reduce cost and increase productivity. Our Bins and Bin Accessories promote proper labeling and easy identification of supplies. AliMed® offers a wide range of Stackable Bins and Storage Containers to fit your facility’s unique needs, many of which are color-coded for easier inventory management at a glance.

Depending on your facility’s needs, you can choose from versatile Ultra Stack and Hang Bins, economical yet durable Economy Bins, Stack and Nest Totes with lids, large-capacity Giant Stack Containers, and extra-deep Hulk Containers. Accessories for many bins include Dividers, Label Holders, Bin Cups, and Lids for complete, efficient inventory control.

A variety of bin sizes allows you to find the perfect storage solution to fit your space. When choosing a size, measure according to the diagram below.