Bauerfeind® ErgoPad® redux heel 2 Insoles

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Bauerfeind® ErgoPad® redux heel 2 Insoles
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  • Bauerfeind® ErgoPad® redux heel 2 Insoles
  • Bauerfeind® ErgoPad® redux heel 2 Insoles
  • Bauerfeind® ErgoPad® redux heel 2 Insoles
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Product Highlights

  • Ultra-thin, low-profile design fits in many shoe styles
  • Tear-shaped notch in core absorbs impact and helps relieve pressure from heel
  • Supports sunken foot arches

Product Details

More About This Product

Bauerfeind® ErgoPad® redux heel 2 Insoles reduces acute heel pain while combating the causes of pain. Tear-shaped notch in the core under the heel absorbs impact and helps relieve pressure, allowing for normal activity. The Polyurethane (PU) foam coating provides additional cushioning for the feet when walking or running. Supports the longitudinal and transverse arches, returning the foot to a natural position and preventing inappropriate mechanical stress on the heel bone. In addition, the sensorimotor spots incorporated into the PU surface stimulate the muscles while supporting the foot arches. Durable, low-profile, flexible design for use in most casual and sports footwear.

Easy to grind (grinding belt, grain 80-100). Good for bonding, using design-tested adhesive and construction materials. Partial and complete thermoplastic molding possible (hot air blower or oven, 230°F (110 °C), partially for approximately 20 seconds, completely for approximately 5 minutes).

Indicated for heel pain and plantar fasciitis, arch decreased/splay foot and Pes valgus. Available in Slim or Wide sizes.

Sizing: Determined by shoe size. Slim fits most Women, Wide fits most Men.

Size 37: Women's 6, Men's 5
Size 38: Women's 6-1/2, Men's 5-1/2
Size 39: Women's 7-1/2, Men's 6-1/2
Size 40: Women's 8, Men's 7
Size 41: Women's 9, Men's 8
Size 42: Women's 9-1/2, Men's 8-1/2
Size 43: Women's 10-1/2, Men's 9-1/2
Size 44: Women's 11, Men's 10
Size 45: Women's 12, Men's 11
Size 46: Women's 13, Men's 12
Size 47: Women's 13-1/2, Men's 12-1/2
Size 48: Women's 14-1/2, Men's 13-1/2
WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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