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UltraFlex™ Lead-Free Aprons 

UltraFlex™ Lead-Free Aprons are COVID-19 compliant. View the PDF.

UltraFlex™ Lead-Free Aprons protect healthcare professionals from all types of occupational hazards by being completely impervious to liquids, eliminating the risk of exposure to hazardous fluids produced during procedures. Lightweight and lead-free, aprons feature 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protection and are made with a unique UltraFlex fabric that is antibacterial, stain-resistant, and easy to wipe clean. All aprons include attached thyroid shields with easy-release buckles.

The front and back protection styles, Wrap with Support and Support Vest and Skirt, offer an additional 0.25 mm of Pb-equivalent back protection along with a fully adjustable integrated back support belt for maximum support to the lower lumbar region.

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