Organization Dedicated to Safe Patient Handling is Launched

April 30, 2011

Organization Dedicated to Safe Patient Handling is Launched

Originally published by ASPHP.

A new professional membership organization dedicated to safety, The Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals, Inc. (ASPHP) was launched at the 11th Annual Safe Patient Handling Conference in March.

The non-profit corporation’s mission is to “improve the safety of caregivers and their patients by advancing the science and practice of safe patient handling.” Its Board of Directors is a distinguished group of well-known and highly credentialed names in the field; professionals who have enthusiastically promoted the science and practice for many years.

In building its member-driven organization, the ASPHP encourages individuals interested in the field to share experiences, engage in educational opportunities and provide access to information. Looking ahead, the new organization intends to continually add valuable membership benefits including webinars and networking opportunities. Its website currently presents numerous articles, links and information of value.

Perhaps, more importantly, however, the Association embodies a Certification program designed to include individuals within a wide range of educational and experiential backgrounds who participate in safe patient handling practices or initiatives. The ASPHP Certification is offered on two levels: Certified Safe Patient Handling Associate (CSPHA) and the Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional (CSPHP). Currently, the Certification body is composed of members of the Board. Guy Fragala, Ph.D., PE, CSP serves as Advisor to the process. The ASPHP feels it is important that those who do this important work be recognized by their organization and peer group through this certification.

For more detailed information on this new and exciting organization, please visit their website at or email to

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