Arthroscopic Leg Holders for Secure Patient Positioning

October 24, 2023

arthroscopic leg holderProper patient positioning is a crucial aspect of any surgery, and arthroscopic leg procedures are no exception. Proper positioning not only ensures maximum exposure to the surgical site but also reduces the risk of injury or complications. Arthroscopic leg holders provide a safe and efficient way of positioning a patient's leg during arthroscopic surgery. In this article, we will discuss the usage and benefits of arthroscopic leg holders in the operating room.  

What is an Arthroscopic Leg Holder? 

An arthroscopic leg holder is a positioning device that holds a patient's leg securely in place during arthroscopic surgery. It consists of a baseplate that attaches to the surgical table and an upper brace assembly that holds the leg in place.  

The hinged upper brace adjusts to accommodate the patient’s leg, increasing patient comfort while enabling the caregiver to easily set the leg in the necessary position. Additionally, the strategically designed locking mechanism ensures that the leg is locked securely into place. 

Benefits of Using an Arthroscopic Leg Holder

The arthroscopic leg holder system locks the patient's leg in place, providing optimal knee stabilization during arthroscopic procedures. This enables surgical staff to have full control of the leg position for proper exposure, helping facilitate a safe, successful procedure. From the upper brace assembly to the baseplate, the arthroscopic leg holder provides a complete and stable platform for leg positioning.  

The arthroscopic leg holder also permits the staff to exert the right amount of pressure both mediqally and laterally without causing discomfort to the patient. This, along with the stability of the positioner, helps prevent any unnecessary movement that could cause further damage or interfere with the surgical process.  

Infection Control When Using an Arthroscopic Leg Holder 

Arthroscopic surgeries usually involve large amounts of saline and blood, which can infiltrate seams in the equipment used and increase infection risk. AliMed Fluid-Proof Arthroscopic Leg Holders feature stainless steel hardware that withstands repeated disinfection and fluid-proof, seamless pads for easier cleaning and reduced risk of cross contamination.  

Positioning the Non-Operative Leg

During arthroscopic procedures, it is also important to properly position the non-operative leg using a well-leg holder. This helps protect against nerve damage and keeps the patient's hips from pivoting. These positioners are available in disposable or reusable options, depending on your facility’s protocols.  

The arthroscopic leg holder is a specialized positioning device designed to secure a patient's leg during arthroscopic surgery. It allows the staff to exert the right amount of pressure during the procedure, gives the surgeon full access to the surgical site while minimizing any potential damage to the tissue, and keeps the leg stable throughout the surgery to prevent any unwanted movements that may cause complications. As a result, the arthroscopic leg holder offers an additional level of safety for the patient and contributes to better surgical outcomes. 


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