Apron Style Selector

Which style is right for you?

Radiation Protection Aprons are not all the same. While all protect against harmful radiation, different styles have different benefits. When choosing the right apron style for you, consider the procedure type as well as personal fit and comfort to ensure you order the right apron for the job. Scroll down to select the best style for your need.

Select an Apron Family

AliMed apron styles are available in two options. Once you’ve selected a style below, choose the apron family that’s right for you.

  • Perfect Fit™ is perfect for personalizing with standard or tailored-fit sizing, over 100 colors and prints, and optional monogramming.
  • Grab ‘n Go™ is ideal when staff sharing is necessary, featuring color-coded sizing for quick and easy identification plus fast, same-day shipping.
  • Please note: certain styles are not available in Grab ‘n Go.

I need an apron that provides greater weight distribution.

Criss cross straps, wraparound back or two-piece design help distribute weight evenly to lessen stress on neck, shoulders and back.

I need an apron that has integrated lumbar support.

Fully adjustable, integrated Back-Saver Belt helps relieve back strain and fatigue by redistributing weight from shoulders to waist.

I need an apron that drops away without breaking the sterile field.

Designed for fast removal during surgery​.

I need an apron that is economically priced.

Best value for front protection​​.

I need an apron that is a two-piece design.

Full coverage with better weight distribution and freedom of movement​.