Facility-wide protection

Silver in its ionized form (Ag ) naturally resists bacterial growth through the release of silver ions, which attack microbes, and have the ability to combat a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses over and over. As more antibiotic-resistant bacteria crop up, silver is being re-introduced as a powerful antibacterial agent.1, 2, 3

Safely transfer patients, not harmful pathogens

Using appropriate assistive devices for lifting and positioning patients reduce both staff and patient injuries during transfer, but without a proper infection control protocol in place, you could be transferring more than just your patient.

Infectious bacteria can easily infiltrate transfer devices, passing harmful pathogens between staff and patient or patient and patient. Avoid cross-contamination by choosing Shifters, Slings, or Gait Belts that are single-patient-use for easy disposal, wipeable for quick and effective disinfection, or antimicrobial-treated to resist odors, staining, and bacteria growth for injury-free and germ-free transfers.


Fact: 51 million surgical procedures are performed annually1

Minimize infection risk with solutions for any O.R. application

Using products engineered to be disposable, wipeable, antimicrobial, autoclavable, fluid-proof, and submersible for high-level disinfection can turn everyday O.R. devices — from positioning straps to anti-fatigue mats — into infection-fighting tools aimed at halting the spread of pathogens.


Fact: Workstations have 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat1

Turn your workstation into a germ-fighter

It’s no secret that keyboards and other accessories are among the dirtiest of surfaces, hiding a variety of infection-causing pathogens between keys, on wrist supports, and more. In fact, workstations in general can have 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat1 — all of which find their way to patients. Fend off hazardous germs with antimicrobial keyboards, supportive pads, and mobile stations that have embedded microbe-inhibiting technology to provide ongoing infection protection while you work in ergonomic comfort.

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