Ames Walker® Support Trouser Socks

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Product Highlights

  • No more swollen, tired, achy, legs on long trips
  • No prescription required
  • Non-restricting top band
  • Knee-Length style

Product Details

More About This Product

Ames Walker® Support Trouser Socks are lightweight and offer moderate compression for relief from restless, aching, or uncomfortable legs after sitting or standing all day. Knee length and closed toe, perfect for a dressy or casual look. 15-20 mmHg compression. 90% nylon, 10% spandex. Women's available in Tan, White, or Black. Men's available in Black or Brown.

Sizing: Approximate with shoe size
Women's Medium (5-8)
Women's Large (8-12)
Men's Small (6-7)
Men's Medium (7-10)
Men's Large (10-12)
Men's X-Large (12 )

Conditions such as age, disease, pregnancy, weight, and heredity can cause the deep vein valves in your legs to function inefficiently. This leads to pain and swelling, and can cause varicose veins and even acute venous disease such as Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). Compression socks can help improve blood circulation in the legs and feet. They work to prevent the veins in your legs from filling with blood, which can cause them to become swollen and feel heavy, achy, and fatigued. These stockings provide compression that “squeezes” the leg, promoting blood flow back to the heart rather than allowing it to pool in the legs. Use them as travel socks for everyday comfort.

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