AliMed® Tuff-Coat™ Bed Wedge

AliMed Tuff-Coat Bed Wedge #2970010861
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Product Highlights

  • Seamless, antimicrobial coating
  • Supports and elevates legs
  • Suspends heels off bed for pressure relief

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® Tuff-Coat™ Bed Wedge Seamless outer surface contains a silver antimicrobial agent that helps resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the surface for the life of the product. Safe for multi-patient use. Bed Wedges support and elevate legs without the hassle of wrestling with pillows. Suspends heels off the bed for effective pressure relief without bottoming out and helps alleviate lower extremity edema and low back pain.

15"W x 25"L x 8"H • Meets CAL 117A and B, DOT MVSS 302, FAA 25-853 testing

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