AliMed® T-Foam™ Keyboard Wrist Support

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AliMed® T-Foam™ Keyboard Wrist Support
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Product Highlights

  • Top layer of T-Foam molds to contours of your wrists
  • Uniform support to virtually eliminate pressure points

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AliMed® T-Foam™ Keyboard Wrist Supports are engineered with two layers for maximum comfort and support. The top layer of T-Foam (Temper Foam) molds to the contours of your wrists for the ultimate in keyboarding comfort. T-Foam reacts to body pressure and heat, conforming and molding to the body to provide uniform, orthopedically correct support.

T-Foam, a high-tech material invented by NASA to relieve astronauts of G-forces, relieves pressure points for all-day comfort. The sturdy bottom Polyfoam layer of the wrist rest keeps wrist neutral, providing comfortable support. Cloth covering is a lot cooler and softer than vinyl. New Grip-Tek non-slip base stays where you want it.  Zippered cover removes for cleaning.

Choose the height that's right for you! The height of the wrist rest should match the height of your space bar. Choose 3/4" for resting your wrist when taking a break from keying, or standard 1" for standard keyboards.

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