AliMed Redesigns and Releases New MultiBoot™ Xtra

May 17, 2011

AliMed Redesigns and Releases New MultiBoot™ Xtra

AliMed has redesigned and relaunched its MultiBoot Xtra contracture boot to improve wearability and recovery for patients recovering from contracture and wounds. The newly designed rigid transfer boot enhances both fit and comfort by cushioning all bony prominences and the Achilles area with special foam. Additionally, the strap has been engineered to better support and hold the foot and ankle.

AliMed Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Jon Bretz says of the MultiBoot Xtra, “Our customers asked for a boot that combined better strap control and increased padding for fragile skin. We’ve redesigned the boot to meet this twofold need while also producing a boot that wicks away moisture and prevents unnecessary and uncomfortable heat buildup. This boot does it all!”

The MultiBoot Xtra comes in three sizes and features enhanced heel relief for better air circulation, a padded toe guard to keep sheets off toes, anti-rotation bars, and a large nonskid bottom to aid stability during transfers. Also, unlike most rigid shell boots, the shell is completely enclosed by the MultiBoot Xtra’s cover to provide an additional level of skin protection.

The boot is available in AliMed’s general catalog or on

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