• New! AliMed ONE™ Wireless Fall Management System

AliMed ONE® Wireless Fall Monitoring System

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Introducing the AliMed ONE® Wireless Fall Monitoring System

  • Reduces trip hazards!
  • Faster room setup!
  • Quickly reset alarm directly from the hall!   

The AliMed ONE® System operates from a single central Alarm Base and uses EZPair™ technology to connect with up to six compatible wireless monitoring devices plus a Hall Alert. Easy to set up with no messy cords or wires to manage, the AliMed ONE System reduces trip hazards and allows for various room configurations for comprehensive fall management.

The heart of the AliMed ONE System is the Wireless Alarm Base, which mounts inside the patient’s room and can be connected to a nurse call system. The Wireless Hall Alert acts as an extension of the Alarm Base and is conveniently placed outside of the patient’s room to quickly notify caregivers via audible and visual prompts when a patient needs assistance. The system can also be reset directly from the hall for reduced patient stress.

For bed or chair monitoring, Wireless Bed and Chair Sensor Pads connect to a Wireless Sensor Pad Transmitter that pairs with the Alarm Base, activating the alarm when a patient attempts to leave their bed or chair. Wireless Toilet Sensor Pads are also available for security when toileting. Each sensor pad requires its own transmitter. For patients prone to wandering, the wall-mountable Wireless Motion Sensor provides a second line of defense against elopement, triggering the Alarm Base when motion is detected. All system components are sold separately.

Click here to watch our step-by-step training video to set up the system components or here for answers to our most frequently asked questions about the AliMed ONE System!

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