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New AliMed ONE® Wireless Fall Monitoring System Allows for Safer, Total Patient Room Coverage

DEDHAM, Mass., Feb. 17, 2021—AliMed, Inc., a Massachusetts-based medical supply manufacturer and distributor, announced its latest product entry into the fall management market with the launch of the AliMed ONE® Wireless Fall Monitoring System. This completely wireless system operates from a single central alarm base and easily manages up to six compatible wireless monitoring devices plus a unique hall alert to help reduce trip hazards while providing complete patient room fall coverage at an economical price.

Patient falls can cost healthcare facilities up to $14,000 per fall-related injury and add an average of six days to a patient’s hospital stay—costs that are non-reimbursable as they are deemed “preventable” or “Never Events” by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Additionally, The Joint Commission categorizes falls with injuries as serious reportable events. Still, some organizations employ ineffective fall monitoring strategies or are slow to adopt new technologies due to their perceived high cost or complexity of setup and management.

“Falls are absolutely preventable if appropriate measures are in place, but cost is always a consideration when assessing fall risk needs,” said Jim Meeker, Sr. Sales Director at AliMed. “AliMed developed this product specifically to provide facilities a high-trust, cost-effective solution that helps reduce their fall rates and ultimately their liability while offering a safer, trip-free option for both staff and patients.”

The simplicity of the AliMed ONE System is in its innovative one-touch EZPair™ technology. Each compatible sensor device wirelessly pairs with the central alarm base, which connects with a nurse call system to monitor patient movements in a bed or a chair, when ambulating in their room, or even when toileting. And, with the option to connect a hall alert monitor with audible and visual notifications mounted outside the patient room, staff can immediately identify where an alarm was triggered and respond faster, especially when on rounds or away from the Nurses Station. Staff can also shut off the system directly from the hall to quickly eliminate in-room alarm noise and reduce patient stress.

The system currently offers a wireless Alarm Base, Hall Alert, Sensor Pads (bed, chair, toilet) and Sensor Pad Transmitter, and a Motion Sensor. All are available separately, allowing facilities to configure fall coverage based on individual patient needs. Learn more or watch the video at

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