AliMed® Low-Profile Anti-Thrust Cushion

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AliMed® Low-Profile Anti-Thrust Cushion
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  • AliMed® Low-Profile Anti-Thrust Cushion
  • AliMed® Low-Profile Anti-Thrust Cushion
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Product Highlights

  • Convex Solid Seat Insert base nestles into a sling seat wheelchair to ensure level seating with minimal seat rise
  • Anti-thrust cushion maintains neutral pelvic position

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® Low-Profile Anti-Thrust Cushion features a convex Solid Seat Insert base, which nestles into a sling seat wheelchair to ensure level seating with minimal seat rise. Provides the anti-thrust protection needed when extensor tone is present. Effective alternative to pommel wheelchair cushions for those who find pommels uncomfortable.
Cushion is 5" high in the front • Black water-resistant polyester AliTex™ cushion top with a vinyl nonskid cushion base - removable • Available with T-Gel™ overlay for reduction of shear force on skin

Anti-Thrust helps prevent forward sliding.

Anti-Thrust Positioning Cushions have a higher front surface and a lower rear surface to help prevent forward sliding in the wheel chair. The sloped region between the front and rear surfaces is positioned in front of the ischial tuberosities to keep the pelvis in a neutral position and help support upright sitting. Anti-thrust protection can be helpful when extensor tone is present. Anti-thrust cushions offer a comfortable slide-control alternative to pommel cushions, especially for male patients.

AliMed Anti-Thrust Seat Base Flat Base models can be used on any flat chair surface, on top of a solid seat insert, or on a wheelchair board. Convex Base models are intended for use with sling-seat wheelchairs. Construction Anti-thrust cushions are available in a variety of materials to meet specific needs. Choose a firm or high-density foam for greater stability, a softer foam for greater conformity, or a temper foam for pressure redistribution. Gel-topped models feature additional comfort and protection. The aqueous (water-based) cushion delivers cooling comfort, and the premium polymer gel (like T-Gel™) minimizes friction and shear forces for maximum skin protection. In addition, most anti-thrust cushions have nonslip bottoms and/or rear safety ties to help hold the cushion in position.

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