AliMed® Full-Length Cushioned Insoles

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Product Highlights

  • Far more supportive and provide better pressure distribution than commercially available insoles
  • Provide maximum forefoot protection without taking up needed space in the shoe
  • Sold in pairs

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® Full-Length Cushioned Insoles Functional control and a finished look in just minutes. These insoles give all the support of our 3/4-length BFO and XPE in a full-length orthotic. Choose the level of functional control and use it right out of the box or modify to meet your patients' needs. All models sold in pairs.

Original BFO model incorporates our dual-layer, semi-rigid Plastazote® base for a good balance of cushioning and control. Great for casual and athletic shoes, this model readily accepts glued adjustments to the base for rear and forefoot correction.

Rigid XPE model offers maximum functional control that won't compress or change shape with use. Built to withstand the constant abuse of athletic, work, or combat footwear, it can be ground or glued for a custom fit in just minutes.

Finished look is achieved by the full-length,  1/8"-thick layer of polyurethane with blue Ultralure® fabric top. Polyurethane offers excellent shock absorption for entire plantar surface and resists compression. It also insulates and cushions against cold and hard walking surfaces.

Suggested code: L3060.

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