AliHip™ Cushion, Home Model

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AliHip™ Cushion, Home Model
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  • AliHip™ Cushion, Home Model
  • AliHip™ Cushion, Home Model
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  • Perfect take-home option for post-hip surgery patients

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AliHip™ Cushion, Home Model This economical version of the AliHip™ Cushion is the perfect take-home option for post-hip surgery patients going home with posterior dislocation precautions. Offers the same sloping design on one side – the operative side. This model is left- or right-specific and is offered with an optional Black polyester cover (sold separately).

18"W x 16"D x 4"H; slope side is 1"H in front

Hip Cushions

Traditional Hip Cushions are usually very firm and thick—adding up to 6" of additional height. They maintain the hip at the required 90° angle but may also restrict the user’s functional reach. AliHip™ Cushions are gently sloped on the operative side so the hip can extend an additional 15° to 20°, allowing the user to safely lean forward the same 15° to 20° at the trunk in facilitation of sit-to-stand, self-toileting, basic ADLs, even eating!

AliHip Cushions also improve positioning of hips to help with pain control and to maximize sitting tolerance post-operatively. Plus, with the knee naturally lower than the hips at this angle, individuals don’t need to sit on a 6"-high hip cushion or a pile of bed pillows!

Comfortably maintains hip precautions AliHip Cushions maintain hips at more than 90° extension, while allowing user more freedom of movement in the wheelchair or armchair. More comfortable than traditional hip cushions, they are adjustable for left or right leg.

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