AliMed Launches Economical Line of Surgical Gel Positioners to Help Reduce O.R. Costs

December 15, 2021

Christian Baker, Sr. Product Manager
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AliMed Launches Economical Line of Surgical Gel Positioners to Help Reduce O.R. Costs

Dedham, Mass., Dec. 15, 2021—AliMed, Inc., a Massachusetts-based medical supply manufacturer and distributor, introduced today its newest line of gel-based surgical patient positioners, AliBlue™ Gel Positioners. Designed to offer the same premium pressure relief as other comparable products on the market, the new line offers a more cost-effective price point aimed at helping healthcare facilities decrease overall spend on surgical procedure supplies.

Engineered with a crisp, clear 100% polyurethane-based viscoelastic gel formula, AliBlue Gel Positioners help relieve pressure to the head and neck, body, and upper and lower extremities during procedures, reducing the risk of costly patient injuries. Additionally, AliBlue’s reusability allows for easier cleaning and faster operating room turnover time, lowering annuity costs and minimizing facility waste for hospitals and surgery centers.

“As the cost of surgical procedures in general and medical devices specifically continue to rise, AliMed is dedicated to developing new products that can help offset these increases without sacrificing quality or patient outcomes,” said Christian Baker, Sr. Product Manager at AliMed. “Our new AliBlue Gel Positioners do just that and are priced to meet our customers’ budget with availability to match.”

Stocked inventory includes commonly used positioners such as head donuts, armboard pads, chest rolls, surface overlays, and heel cups for positioning needs from supine to Trendelenburg, in addition to pediatric models specifically sized for smaller patients and other specialty positioners. The full head-to-toe line is available at

As a leader in the positioners and patient safety straps market, AliMed additionally manufactures and distributes a wide range of disposable foam positioners and reusable and disposable surgical straps to support specific operating room protocols or patient safety needs.

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